FatShark Power Switch Mod for a Laforge Module

////FatShark Power Switch Mod for a Laforge Module

FatShark Power Switch Mod for a Laforge Module

If you are like me you have seen this mod for your FatSharks that allows the addition of a power switch that is pretty cool. The problem for some of us is that this modification is for those who have the FuriousFPV diversity module. Well if you are like me you don’t have a use this diversity module and you use the UBAD La Forge.


So here is a step by step tutorial how to modify your FatSharks.
Note: by doing this mod you will violate your warranty. Additionally, we at kwadblog.com to no accept responsibility for any damage done to your goggles. Proceed at your own risk, confidence, and knowledge.

What you will need:

Tools Needed


  1. If your Fatsharks have an outer faceplate remove it. Be gentle and snap it off.
  2. Remove the head strap
  3. In the photo below remove the screw labeled in red and loosen the two screws labeled yellow.
  4. Remove the diversity module door and remove the screw pictured below.
  5. Separate the case slightly so that the board comes free and you can remove it from the housing. I will say this can be a little trick so be patient. You will have enough cable to pull the board out without unpluging it yet.
  6. On the back of the power plug with cutters cut this tab and separate it so that the two pieces are not touching.
  7. Add flux and tin little solder to both to both pieces of the power connector you just cut.
  8. Tin the wires for your switch and the center pin and one end pins. it does not matter which you choose to use.
  9. Solder your wires and heat shrink. I put heat shrink over the third tab just as a precaution and is probably not needed.
  10. Attach the wires to the power plug. I attached the center pin on the switch to the center of the power plug. I cut the wires down to 2″ in length as well.
  11. Drill a hole in the corner of the decal as pictured starting with a small pilot hole. Drill a 13/64″ hole so that the switch may fit through. Don’t rush this. Take your time. After you drill it clear any loose plastic left over from drilling it.
  12. Plug the board back in, put the switch through the hole you drilled and with the supplied washer and nut tighten it down. Put the board back in placed and replace all screws as were removed in the previous steps.
  13. Button everything else back up by installing the diversity door, head strap and faceplate. Test it out and you should be done.
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