RunCam Night Eagle 2 Pro Review

////RunCam Night Eagle 2 Pro Review

RunCam Night Eagle 2 Pro Review

A while back I wanted to build a quad for flying at night only. Nothing fancy on the specs I just wanted to be able to fly in just about total darkness. After speaking with some friends and a lot of internet searching, I found the RunCam Night Eagle was the camera to get. Well, they no longer made the Night Eagle and now made the Night Eagle 2 Pro. I was going to give it a shot, but the $79.99 price tag and no US online retailers having them in stock was a little bit of a bummer. Luckily RunCam had them in stock on their website, and the only thing I had to deal with is the slow shipping coming from Asia. It took about two weeks, and you will see it was worth the wait.

Those of you who have used other RunCams know about the mounting and other case specs. The only two fundamental main differences in this camera are these. One, it is black and white only all the time and two you can see at night. When I say see at night, I mean really well. I’m going to let the video I posted do all the talking and here is what I am flying it on:

  • HMB-235 5″ frame
  • EMAX Magnum stack
  • 2206-2300kv motors
  • 4s 1300 battery

None of that matters too much but the performance of the camera in low to little light.  The video below is a flight that I did at our local flying field with no ambient street lights. It was a little over an hour after sunset and no way I could have flown with any other camera. The simple result is that if you want to build a quad to fly at night, the RunCam Night Eagle 2 Pro is the camera to put on it. Watch the video, and you will see why. You can buy yours here

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