Raceflight New Products and Updates for 2018

////Raceflight New Products and Updates for 2018

Raceflight New Products and Updates for 2018

Preston and the guys with RaceFlight had a great live stream last night that covered a huge amount of topics. Each and every tidbit they spoke about was better than the next. The live stream is long but it covered a lot. OSD is coming to RaceFlight and sooner than we thought on both the 20×20 boards and the 30×30 boards in the Revolt and Millivolt. The new flight controllers and ESCs are all so featured packed is is kind of crazy. The simplicity of builds is a step of from the previous boards and you will still have the option to solder your boards together if you want. Additionally, the code has been cleaned up with a new configurator and firmware you can download both here.

They also announced a lot of new products as well that included:

  • New Bolt ESC
  • New revolt flight controller
  • New Millivolt flight controller
  • New Spark ESC
  • new Skitzo 5″ frame
  • future Skitzo 3″ frame
  • Skitzo frame with 7″ arms
  • New motors that come in Pink and a Gold color
  • A Raceflight VTX
  • TinyWhoop board
  • A super secret project
  • And so much more

Watch the full announcement with a lot more here.

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