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Where Do I Fly?

This is the course that I get my fill flying. It is a part of the PSL RC Hobby Group in Port Saint Lucie, FL. If you are interested in joining or have questions please visit,

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The Perfect Explanation of the Matty Flip

For some time, I have wanted to master the Mattyflip by MattyStuntz who in my opinion is one of the more progressive pilots in the scene. I've seen others such as LeDrib do there best to explain how to pull the trick but in this video, from Rotor Riot I think they did a fantastic job for all of us to learn [...]

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TBS Caipirinha 2 Flying Wing

So it isn't a quad but it flies and it flies FPV. Oh, and did I mention I need to get my hands on one of these? It is the Team Black Sheep Caipirinha 2 flying wing and from the various flight videos, this thing looks like it flies fantastic and would be a blast to fly. There will be [...]

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Raceflight New Products and Updates for 2018

Preston and the guys with RaceFlight had a great live stream last night that covered a huge amount of topics. Each and every tidbit they spoke about was better than the next. The live stream is long but it covered a lot. OSD is coming to RaceFlight and sooner than we thought on both the 20x20 boards and the 30x30 boards in [...]

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Matty Stuntz | Making Me Mentally Ill

If you are like me you watch Matty Stuntz videos mostly in amazement of what he can do. Especially those of us who are good pilots and still can't do what he does. I know a lot of it has to do with his camera angle and set up. Those of you who have not seen Josh Bardwell's video about this [...]

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RunCam Night Eagle 2 Pro Review

A while back I wanted to build a quad for flying at night only. Nothing fancy on the specs I just wanted to be able to fly in just about total darkness. After speaking with some friends and a lot of internet searching, I found the RunCam Night Eagle was the camera to get. Well, they no longer made the [...]

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